Born in the UK, Mia grew up in the sunny climes of environmentally-conscious Northern California. Now based in London, her signature looks tend to veer towards a combination of the casual, naturally beautiful California aesthetic with a hip English edge.

Mia always had a vested interest in sustainable living and animal welfare, and after working in hair and beauty for a few years started paying close attention to common ingredients and manufacturing standards of high street beauty brands. Research found that many of the commonly used brands utilized harsh chemicals as well as animal testing practices. As a result, Mia decided to only use cruelty free, sustainable products with as little of an environmental impact as possible.

She earned her cosmetology license in hair and makeup from the renowned Cinta Aveda Institute in San Francisco, where she first became mindful of eco-friendly and natural beauty practices. From there, she joined Sassoon Salon, a best in class hair industry institution, where she eventually worked her way to a position as a Senior Cutting Specialist.

Most recently, Mia was Creative Director at Glasshouse Salon, an organic beauty salon based in Hackney. After deciding to go out on a limb and become freelance, she remains dedicated to the same organic hair products and sustainable best practices to prove that beautiful aesthetics are attainable in an environmentally friendly fashion. 

Mia’s services include:

• Hair cutting in salon and on set

• Organic hair colouring in salon

• Hair styling in salon, on set and for events

• Organic makeup for events

• Private, 1:1 educational tutorials on a range of skills
including hair cutting, colouring, styling and makeup

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